Linden Foods is Top Red meat Company in Environmental Award
19th December 2012

NIEA Chief Executive Terry A'Hearn: Mael Wilford, Environmental Manager, Linden Foods ARENA Network Chair, Peter Dixon

Linden Foods have been presented with a plaque in recognition of the high environmental standards achieved with regards to environmental management and performance by the Department of the Environment and the Northern Ireland Environment Agency.

This recognition comes from scoring over 80% in the survey for the second year in a row. We finished 37th overall out of 250 organisations and were the top Red Meat company.

This recognition is due to the efforts of all staff, across all departments under the co-ordination of Mael Wilford. The survey looks at Energy Usage, Water and Waste, as well as Management systems and Travel.  We were able to demonstrate annual improvements, and that we have gone further and faster than the majority of businesses in NI.

Thank you and well done to Mael and all the Staff and Managers for the environmental efforts over the past 12 months.