A Great Measure of success
17th August 2012

A Great Measure of success

Bone Marrow Butter, a traditionally Dry Aged Wing Rib Steak, a full Range of Dry Aged Steak cuts and dry cured Bacon which were all produced by Fermanagh based Kettyle Irish Foods have been awarded a collection of coveted Gold Star Awards at this year’s Great Taste Awards. The list was drawn up as part of the Guild of Fine Food’s annual Great Taste accreditation scheme, which saw 8,807 food and drink products blind-tasted and whittled down over the course of 45 days by 350 experts. The 3 star gold winning Marrow Butter has also been awarded one of Britain’s Top 50 foods Awards.  These top 50 food and drink products were chosen from the 123 entries that had gained a coveted 3-star gold and each one has now been nominated for a Golden Fork Award, the highest accolade in fine food and drink which will be announced at the Awards’ dinner at London’s Royal Garden Hotel this September.

Judges this year included Masterchef winner and restaurateur Mat Follas, restaurant critic and Masterchef judge Charles Campion, food writers Lucas Hollweg and Xanthe Clay and over 300 food buyers from leading food halls, delicatessens and farm shops, including Harrods, Selfridges and Fortnum & Mason.
Guild of Fine Food chairman Bob Farrand said that each of the food and drink products entered into Great Taste undergoes the most rigorous scrutiny.

For Kettyle to have notched up a total of 6 awards is a tribute to their passion and dedication as a food producer and supplier. The 3 star Gold winning marrow butter got really positive feedback including this following paragraph;

‘A good depth of Flavour and well balanced – verging on the absolutely bloody marvellous. No – it is Absolutely Bloody Marvellous!’

“To achieve a 3-star grading involves at least 25 experts unanimously agreeing that the product tastes divine,” he said. “But to be included in the Top 50 Foods in Britain meant each one had to satisfy the discerning palates of a further 25 dedicated foodies. These products all deliver the most extraordinary taste.”

A further 2 star Gold was Awarded to a Dry Aged Wing Rib Steak produced by Kettyle. It is a traditional cut that proved extremely popular with the judges dishing out the following compliments ... ‘ Enticing and appetising’ with a texture that was described as ‘soft, tender, moist, lovely fat with no gristle between meat and fat, an overall excellent beefy flavour!’

A further string of one star Awards where then given to Dry Aged fillet steak, Dry Aged Ribeye steak and both Kettyle bacon’s.....an all round good result for this Northern Irish Meat producer and one that no doubt next year they will strive to beat yet again!